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Our research objectives

Cyano timing

The earth rotates around its own axis once a day. Consequently, quite a few parts of the world are exposed to daily changes of e.g. light and darkness. Several organisms use an endogenous timing...read more


Quorum sensing is a cell-cell communication process in bacteria, which usually coordinates gene expression. Therefore, gram-negative bacteria need autoinducers. Autoinducer molecules are different...read more


6S RNA is indicative of small non-coding RNAs, which implement important regulatory roles in bacteria and eukaryotes. The conserved secondary structure of 6S RNA comprehends a primarily...read more

Prokaryotic gene expression

Design of a comparator system in Escherichia coli: A comparator is a device used in electronics to compare two voltages or currents. It switches its output to indicate which of the two inputs is...read more